Defining Services

Creating a Heimdall service using docker-compose can be done with the below basic docker-compose.yml -

version: "2"
    image: linuxserver/heimdall
    container_name: heimdall
      - PUID=65522
      - PGID=65522
      - TZ=Europe/London
      - ./config:/config
      - 8080:80
    restart: unless-stopped

Further customization of the default user and other users can be done within the app itself. Once logged in, set a password for the admin and decide if you want public view on or off. Its important to note that the Heimdall dashboards are user-specific, and act according to their users settings.

Before starting your service, you should take note of the port that your local host will pass to this container. (local:container). Also be sure to mount the volumes you wish to further configure / modify, so you will have easy access to them. To do this, just add a volume to the list above -

  - ./config:/config
  - /etc/docker-heimdall/:/config

The above added volume will also mount the /config directory on the container to the /etc/docker-heimdall/ directory on our local host. This feature can be used to store directories in such a way that will make backing up our service and its files much easier.

Stopping / Starting Heimdall

Create a directory to store your Heimdall configuration files and / or mounted volumes, and within it insert a docker-compose.yml file with the above contents and run docker-compose up -d. This will start the services we defined, mount the volumes specified, along the ports we set in the docker-compose.yml. This file can be further modified to suit the needs of your application / local server. Adding mounted volumes is a useful feature when planning your service, since these directories will be available locally they will be easy to backup and modify.

Starting defined services -

admin@host:~/heimdall$ docker-compose up -d
Creating network "heimdall_default" with the default driver
Creating heimdall ... done

Stop and remove created containers / networks -

admin@host:~/heimdall$ docker-compose down
Stopping heimdall ... done
Removing heimdall ... done
Removing network heimdall_default